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All artwork produced by Diverse Agencies is subject to the following policy:

  • “Artwork rights” refer to the possession of the original vector artwork (formats: CDR, AI, etc) for any design.
  • Artwork Rights remain the property of Diverse Agencies unless specifically sold.
  • The “design fee”  or “artwork fee” quoted / charged may include artwork samples in bitmap format (jpg, bmp, png, gif etc), but does not include artwork rights.
  • If your quotation / invoice does not say “Artwork Rights”, then Artwork rights are not included.
  • The purpose of artwork rights retention is to keep costs down for the majority of clients who do not require vector artwork, and to guard against potential loss of business or negative publicity by allowing clients to have Diverse Agencies artwork edited by a third party. 
  • Artwork rights can be purchased at any stage after the completion of a design. Each case will be quoted on individually.
  • The minimum fee applicable to any work undertaken by Diverse Agencies is R300.00. This fee is not refundable, and is payable regardless of whether the artwork  / products / services supplied are used as intended, or used at all.

– June 2011